The Ultimate Storage Experience!
Setting New Standard In Benson Arizona.

RVbigboytoysgaragecondo located on Commerce Drive, Benson, Arizona, is setting the gold standard for storage solutions, with a grand unveiling expected in early 2024.

Art Bale (Project Manager)

The Future of Storage is Here 

Launching Early 2024

Investment Stability

Low Overhead

Flexible Business Model

Modern Design

Climate Control

Gated Storage

City Accessibility  

Flexible Sizes

Unparalleled Security  

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Ideal For

This individual has spent a lifetime collecting and restoring vintage items, be it automobiles, motorcycles, or other memorabilia. They often attend showcases and exhibitions.

With limited space at home, especially in a climate-controlled environment to preserve their collections.

Our expansive units provide enough room for their valuable items, while the climate control ensures they remain in pristine condition.

The Passionate Hobbyist

Having recently launched a successful e-commerce business or startup, they handle tangible goods and require storage for inventory and other essentials. They're always looking for cost-effective solutions that can scale with their business growth.

Needing an affordable, secure space for storage without the long-term commitment of warehouse leasing.

With  various unit sizes cater to their current needs, allowing them flexibility and security for their growing stock.

The Young Entrepreneur

Often on the move, exploring new horizons either for leisure or work. They have valuable personal items they wish to safeguard during their lengthy travels.

Concern over leaving their belongings unattended for long periods and seeking a reliable storage solution.

The facility's top-notch security ensures their possessions remain safe, while climate controls provide added protection for sensitive items.

The Avid Traveler

Pricing Options

Introductory Price (cost by sq. ft. $103) $ 154,500

Spacious 14x16' roll-up door for easy access

Convenient 36" walk-in door

Split system for heating and cooling

50 amp electrical service

 Most Popular Value For Investment (cost by sq. ft. $102) $ 183,600

Spacious 14x16' roll-up door for easy access

Units can be split upon preference

Spacious roll-up and walk-in doors

Split system for heating and cooling

50 amp electrical service